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Crystal Ervin

Owner of GoBeautifull


A veteran, cancer survivor and mom in that order. After having my last child and the long term health complication he has, I started researching the products we were using on a daily basis. I was amazed at how many toxins were in them. The ingredients were proven to wreak havoc on the body hormones, trigger autoimmune disease( I have 2 daughters with an auto immune disease) and proven to cause diabetes, infertility and cancer.


Armed with this knowledge,I partnered with a chemist to create my own luxurious vegan skincare company.  My products are full of adapters, natural collagen boosters and antioxidants. They are toxin free, sulfate free, paraben free, carcinogen-free and eco friendly. I educate my daughters and friends on the importance of knowing ingredients and reading the label.

I want to empower women with a luxurious skin care line that is safe and effective.


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