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Even with all the buy black movements only 3% of the 1.3 trillion dollar black buying power is being circulated in the black community. We have to keep trying to make a change.

Take the pledge to buy black.

If you are a business owner meet us @ Besties Media & Networking Co. to follow our mission to get our dollars circulating.

💎For this reason we are bringing back our initiative to highlight certain businesses each week to ensure we all get sales and visibility.

First take the pledge on our website. Invite people to the group.

💎Most of you know we are pro’s at making connections and helping you make money but you have to be aligned with the mission.

💎From those people who sign up their businesses will be highlighted each week. We will all promote and share and shop from those businesses each week. This is for those people who believe on group economics. If you are only here to solely make money for YOUR business this isn’t the group or program for you.

💎If you understand the value in growing together take the pledge and watch your email for directions on getting your business promoted and highlighted.

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