4 Benefits of Using Twitter for Your Business


Twitter is one of the top platforms to keep up with the latest trends, news, and conversations. It helps you discover which trends are famous, what’s new with celebrities, which social media challenges they’re trying, and more.

You may already be using Twitter daily to get ahead of the latest news and trends in the world. But what about using Twitter for your business?

Perhaps you understand the benefits of Twitter but not sure how exactly to use it for your business. In this blog post, we’ll give you an important list as to how important Twitter for business and ways you can benefit from utilizing it.

1. Cultivate and create a brand community

One of the major benefits of using Twitter is to cultivating brand community. Brands, including yours, can start using Twitter to join in on relevant conversations, engage with their community, and build loyal followers.

According to statistics, Twitter has an advertising audience of 353 million. That number is up 8% since Q3 2020, an increase of 27 million users. This number is an extrapolation by Hootsuite and We Are Social based on Twitter’s self-serve advertising tools.

The number Twitter itself publishes to describe its audience is “monetizable daily active users” (or mDAUs). That number is 187 million as of Twitter’s Q3 2020 quarterly report, a 29% increase year-over-year.

So you see, more and more people are getting with Twitter today and you can expect an increasing number of people that will be engaging more with the platform in the coming years.

It’s also no surprise that one of the top benefits of Twitter for business is to cultivate a brand community and bring people together around a common interest or cause.

2. Build awareness and brand personality

Did you know that one of the top benefits of Twitter for business is that it lets you share information quickly and get to start conversations with your target audience? When you consistently do this every day, your audience in turn would find your Tweets and other content you shared valuable and will have a higher chance that they’ll share this even with their followers.

You just have to make sure to use a tone that aligns with your brand voice and personality. The types of conversations and topics you’re interested in and the tone in your Tweets will help you attract an audience whose views align with yours. If you’re starting or need a refreshed strategy, Twitter recently launched an Organic Tweets starter kit worksheet to help brands establish their tone of voice.

Additionally, engaging with your audience’s replies and mentions also improves your chances of showing up in non-followers feeds. These actions help you boost visibility and brand awareness, thus proving to be a major benefit of Twitter. The most successful brands on Twitter have both paid and organic strategies. To illustrate, a Followers campaign is more likely to be successful if your profile has a healthy stream of engaging organic content. Conversely, promoting a Tweet can give it organic momentum.

3. Gain valuable audience insights

Twitter sees 6,000 Tweets every second. This puts into perspective how actively people are using it as a conversation platform. And for businesses, these conversations can prove to be a valuable source of customer insights. Using Twitter can help you research trends and topics that your audience cares about so you know how to reach them more effectively.

According to Joe Rice, who leads Twitter’s EMEA Data & Enterprise Solutions, “Twitter is the world’s largest focus group because, at its core, Twitter is a consumer insights engine. What do people think about a certain topic or trend? What are their needs, moods, and mindsets? It’s all there on Twitter and these insights can help brands do all sorts of things from launching new products or services to improving the ones they already have. It’s also a great place to engage with consumers authentically, humanizing your brand.”

The Twitter Explore page gives you an updated list of topics and hashtags trending in your region and relevant to your interests. So you can use this section to discover the Twitter hashtags and conversations that are important to your audience and your business.

4. Gather feedback and deliver customer support

The platform makes it easy for customers to reach out to brands and provide their feedback or ask for help. Brands can then use this as an opportunity to not only collect vital feedback to improve their products but also to deliver the support their customers need.

Companies such as Amazon have even set up a dedicated Twitter account to provide support. The company offers support through this page in multiple languages and locations across the world.

Road to unlocking these Twitter benefits

Hopefully, now you have a clearer idea of how these benefits of Twitter can add value to your marketing mix. We will be posting soon other ideas that you can leverage your social media marketing strategy using Twitter.

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