Are You Making These Social Media Marketing Mistakes?

Updated: Apr 1

I remember what it was like when I was first starting out with Facebook ads. Everyone else at YouTube and with the how-to articles out there made it look so easy. Seems like a lot of people on the forums and even some of my colleagues had successfully launched an ad campaign without any problems.

But not me.

I was always getting tripped up by improper segmentation and incorrect targeting of demographics. However, magical things happened once I started to really pay attention to what others were doing, I learned that they too were making the same social media advertising mistakes.

Now if you’re a business owner and a beginner to the world of social media advertising, I can almost guarantee you’re already making these mistakes – or if not, then you’re going to be making them, soon. And once you start making these mistakes, you’re going to find out that it is time-consuming, expensive and will lose you a lot of money when you don’t do it properly, and even painful.

Unless, of course, you learn how to avoid these mistakes.

So, forget about trial and error. Forget about learning this stuff through the school of hard knocks. Instead, learn from my mistakes and save yourself a lot of time, grief and money. Read on…

Mistake #1: You are over-promoting yourself or your business a lot.

Almost everyone I know who tries to over-promote their business ends up making this mistake. That’s because it’s a bit salesy to people if you keep on posting just to promote your products non-stop. If you look at this from a logical standpoint, you thought you should post too much about your products for it to be discovered more by your potential buyers or leads and you feel like this is the right thing to do.

Turns out that’s wrong – you should become sociable to stand out on social media instead.

Mistake #2: You don’t have a social media marketing plan.

Photo by Anete Lusina from Pexels

I made this mistake not once but twice when I was starting out. So, let me save you from doing the same thing. Instead of just posting content without any plan or consideration as to why you posted it at all, try to come up with a list of specific objectives that you want your social media platforms to follow instead. You’ll see much better results after you’ll do this.

Mistake #3: You don’t prioritize social media engagements.

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Most people don’t even realize they’re making this mistake until they ran out of people who will comment and react on their posts. You can avoid this by planning a social media marketing approach that will get your audience to engage with your content. Be active, polite, and friendly even when the comments are negative because conversations on social media is a two-way street. Encourage your followers to interact with your brand and ensure that these conversations are positive engagements.

Mistake #4: You don’t know how to define your target audience.

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Not everyone on social media will fit into your brand. If you ever got an ad or a boosted post about your brand that targets a random set of demographics when you were trying to generate leads or sales, then you were probably doing it wrong and won’t guarantee you a single conversion. Next time, before launching an ad, try to research your audience and the people who are generally interested in your products and see if you don’t get better results.

Mistake #5: You are treating all social media platforms like they are the same.

I’ve saved the best for last. That’s because people tend to post the same content in every social media platform they own and not curating individual posts for each platform to save time. However, you can completely avoid your posts being stagnant and not being noticed by people simply by understanding how each social media platform differ and works. Get to know the type of voice and marketing strategies that you need to launch content per platform to leverage business growth opportunities. When you’ve done this, you’ll be seeing a significant positive result.

In summary…

Give yourself a pat on the back for paying attention to this article. Because now that you know the top 5 mistakes and how your business can avoid being left out on social media, you’ll be miles ahead of all the other people who’re also trying to do social media marketing the wrong way.

So, take this newfound knowledge and confidence and start planning your detailed social media marketing plan today!

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