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Best Apps For Moms In Business

Listen, let me start by saying I have a total of 6 children and two are on the moderate side of the autism spectrum. Let me also say that I run a few successful businesses and sit on the board of our non profit. With that being said, my time is valuable and I need to be efficient with the little time I have available. There are tools and apps that I use because they allow me to run my business on the go and if need be I can do it all from my phone.

With babies constantly vying for my attention and someone always in need of something my laptop isn't always easily accessible.

The number one tip I can give is use software that has an accompanying app. Working from my phone with one hand may not be ideal for most but for mother like myself this is the determining factor when deciding what software to use.

Here is a list I compiled of apps and what they do....

CoSchedule: Scheduling content for myself and my clients

Hashtag Expert: Hashtags

Inshot, Capcut & Adobe Rush: Video editing

Zoom: Creating Webinars and Meetings

Printful: Selling Product Merch

PicsArt: Graphics and Video Editing

Canva: Graphics and Video Editing

Wix & GoDaddy: Web Design

As always, if you need help putting together a social media strategy or scheduling content....

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