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Need More Engagement! Here Are A Few Engagement Ideas...

Updated: Apr 17, 2022

Sometimes even with the most beautiful content, and captivating images and videos getting your potential customers to engage with you is like pulling teeth. People will love your content but never engage or like your most simply because you didn't ask them to.

I know it sounds crazy but the first and more important tip I have is to ASK.

Not only is asking for a like, follow and share a great way to grow followers and get engagement actually asking questions is key as well. First of all, people love to talk about themselves. So asking questions related to your niche that gives them a chance to talk about themselves is a sure fire way to get people talking.

Creating a poll has a double benefit. It gives you market research on your customers as well as gets them talking. Try creating a poll of 3-5 questions and add it to your page and/or your stories.

Do an ask me anything day. Let your audience ask you anything and this starts conversation and gives insight about what content you should make next.

Highlight customers and tagging them is cool because the person highlighted will interact with the post and others on their page will be able to see it and interact with the post.

Commenting on conversations that are already going on and posting about current events and trends always generate comments and interaction

People are usually scrolling through social media, you want create something that makes people stop the scroll. So using images in every post is one way and creating carousel posts on Instagram are great ways to do this. Especially carousels because it forces people to swipe. *Carousel posts can be scheduled in Creator Studio*

Stay on your customers minds by posting consistently and use emoji's frequently.

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