What Every Beginner Ought to Know About Social Media Marketing Tools

Updated: Apr 1

Photo by Katerina Holmes from Pexels

You’ve probably been searching around the web for quite some time now, trying to learn as much as you can about how social media marketing tools can be used as a beginner, or maybe you’ve even tried to use random tools for your social media marketing plans, but it didn’t turn out as well as you hoped.

Indeed, if you’re like a lot of beginners with social media marketing tools, then you probably ended up getting limited knowledge on how to utilize these tools to your advantage.

Don’t despair. It’s never too late to start learning and differentiating them, and all you have to do is identify what social media platforms you need to focus on and what tools to use to leverage your marketing needs. Remember that all of these tools have one common goal: Save time.

Generally, that means learning some basics of how these tools work. Read on.

Social Media Scheduling Tools

Social media scheduling tools make it easy for you to track and schedule every social media message and content you’ve created across the different social media platforms you handle. These tools make it easy for you to work with a large social team.

Common tasks by a social media scheduling tool:

● Plan and organize all your social content with the help of a calendar.

● Share and distribute the same content to multiple social media profiles you handle with just a single click.

● You can automatically post content when your audience is most engaged with the help of your social media data.

Social Media Analytics Tools

You can’t get the full picture of all your marketing efforts without the use of analytics to analyze each piece of your strategy. If your data is off, your strategy is off too. You have to know that the social media analytics tool is the key to seeing a cleaner big picture of everything you do on social online.

Common tasks by a social media analytics tool:

Track how quickly and efficiently you’re responding to messages and comments.

Monitor each social campaign by tagging and reporting on them.

● See which messages resonate most in your audience to guide your publishing strategies.

Spy on competitors to see how their growth and engagement measure up to your own.

Tracks performance of all your social networks and profiles on a single platform.

Social Media Engagement Tools

To build loyalty among your audience, you need to keep a constant check on your responses and engagement to them. Engagement tools are considered the powerhouse of your brand’s visibility and responsiveness.

You should consider seeking out collaborative tools like review management systems for task management, customer responses, and tagging. The more organized your incoming messages from your audience in the backend, the more seamless a user-experience you are producing in the front-end.

Common tasks by a social media scheduling tool:

● Notify and show you all the messages you are receiving from every social network in one inbox.

● Assigns messages to individuals in your team who are most capable to answer the questions.

● Notify you when your profiles are seeing a sharp increase in engagements that are mentioning your brand.

Social Media Listening Tools

These let you analyze and provide actionable responses to insights you’ve collected through social monitoring. These tools help you meet higher standards for your audience and improve your overall brand image.

Common tasks by a social media listening tool:

●Identify industry gaps and understand consumer attitude towards competitors to uncover a multitude of business opportunities.

● Analyze entire campaigns quickly and generate on-point reports.

● Shows you the general sentiment of social users to a brand or topic.

● Can show you trends before they become viral and famous.

Social Media Monitoring Tools

To simplify things, social media monitoring tools are a great way to help you listen to your audience by simply identifying their needs, behaviors, and what they expect from a brand. Think of it as the collecting and searching stage where this involves the gathering of data from social conversations that can help you understand your audience on how to better improve your marketing and engagement with them.

Common tasks by a social media monitoring tool:

Create custom tags and apply them to incoming messages to better organize and report on monitoring strategies.

Enhance monitoring with brand keywords that can help uncover valuable social engagement opportunities.

● Apply data filters to find what you need quickly in profile, message type, keywords, and date information

● Bring all messages from your social media handles into one platform.

Social Media Automation Tools

It is a common misconception that social media automation tools are meant to make such a marketing process a lot easier, to the point that you don’t have to worry about almost everything but this is not the case. They’ll certainly save you time and effort, but they won’t replace the marketer’s brain.

To start, consider using automation tools like social media chatbots in your strategy to better streamline customer service quickly with common concerns and questions that are asked by the audience and can be easily provided with frequent information your audience needs. With a bot, you can easily create logic-based replies to such customers.

Common tasks by a social media automation tool:

Evaluate how effective your social media marketing is with automated feedback requests.

Increase response rate by showing you suggested replies based on your social behavior.

Create rules to automatically archive or flag inbound social messages to clear your inbox.

Facebook Marketing Tools

Facebook is one of the top social network platforms on the internet so it is no wonder that most marketers are leveraging their use of it to expand their online marketing efforts. So, if Facebook is a part of your main social media strategy, then it is better that you are prepared for the tools within your arsenal.

Facebook has you covered with everything you need from analyzing results, publishing content, and engaging with your audience. A Facebook dashboard is the central hub for data and analytics of your activities throughout the platform.

Common tasks by a Facebook marketing tool:

● Can see through your data to determine who are your competition and see how you stack up against them.

Access to Facebook CRM, which allows you to tap and cater messages to individuals.

Delegate and remove access to users you want to manage Facebook as a team.

Simplify Facebook posting by scheduling and automatically publish content.

Report Facebook performance.

Twitter Marketing Tools

Curious to know which tweets get a lot of engagement and which aren’t? Who’s liking and retweeting your posts? What’s the age range of your audience?